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The Old Firm Casuals are Back – East Bay Recorders
April 25, 2018
The Old Firm Casuals are Back
by : oblahdee
The Old Firm Casuals are Back

The Old Firm Casuals knocked out a powerful batch of punk rock at East Bay Recorders that will become “Holger Danske,” the band’s second full-length record.

Produced by Lars Frederiksen and engineered by Michael Rosen, this collection of songs was recorded with more intensity. “The songwriting and lyrics are a little deeper,” reports Rosen. “Lars is really into Danish folk heroes, and he writes about his Danish heritage on these songs. The band tours a lot and they sound amazing.”

The band wanted a particular sound — an old metal record meets a new punk rock record. “We spent a lot of time on it,” Rosen says, “even down to the pacing of the record. We created segues from song to song. It was pretty intricate.”

With a semi-serious laugh, Rosen admits that he can’t talk about the guitars used on these songs because he signed an NDA. “We decided to go old school, so we dove deep into the way back machine to pull out guitars that you would never, ever imagine Lars Frederickson playing.”

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