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Session Notes: Tesla “Reel to Reel” – East Bay Recorders
October 25, 2007
Session Notes: Tesla “Reel to Reel”
by : oblahdee
Session Notes: Tesla “Reel to Reel”

“A crazy record, because we went a lived in a residential studio about 30 minutes south of El Paso, Texas called Sonic Ranch. A beautiful studio with every piece of gear you’d ever want. In a great big room set in the middle of a pecan ranch. It was also about 500 feet from the Mexican border. We could literally see illegal aliens sneaking across into the US and see the Border Patrol looking for them. This record was kind of a throwback because we did the entire record analog. No Pro Tools. All old school tape. Long days in a dusty, boring, but beautiful place. We also found a British kid named Dean that we took home with us. He’s now Tesla’s tour manager and lives in Sacramento.”  — Michael Rosen

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