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Session Notes: Rancid “Out Comes the Wolves” – East Bay Recorders
June 25, 1994
Session Notes: Rancid “Out Comes the Wolves”
by : oblahdee
Session Notes: Rancid “Out Comes the Wolves”

“We did most of the record at Fantasy Studios. We took about six weeks to do everything. We recorded a total of 45 songs for the record and 22 made the final cut. The cool thing that happened while we were making this record is that we went to work at Electric Lady Studios in New York to finish doing overdubs. While we were working, we found out the legendary punk rocker/author Jim Carroll was upstairs doing an interview for “The Basketball Diaries” movie, which had just been released. So, we asked him to do something on the record. He said he would for some records that he could sell for smokes. He listened to the song “Junkie Man” twice, wrote down the rap that’s in the middle of the song and then went out to the mic. We recorded it in one take. He dropped the legal pad with the lyrics, got his records and walked out. And that’s how the record came to be called “Out Come the Wolves,” because he used that phrase in his rap.”  — Michael Rosen

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