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Session Notes: Rancid “Let’s Go” – East Bay Recorders
January 25, 1993
Session Notes: Rancid “Let’s Go”
by : oblahdee
Session Notes: Rancid “Let’s Go”

“We did the whole record in about eight days. We were working in Studio A at Fantasy Studios. The Muffs we working on a new record with producer Rob Cavallo in Studio B. At one point they invited us in to have a listen to what they were working on. Brett Gurewitz, who was producing, and Lars decided to freak them out, so they both stripped down to their boxers and boots. Both of those dudes are covered in tattoos. They walked into Studio B, sat down and hit play on the playback. The Muffs and Rob played a bunch of stuff back and never said one word about them not being dressed. Brett and Lars listened got up and walked out. Done.”  — Michael Rosen

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