March 25, 2006
Session Notes: Papa Roach “The Paramour Sessions”
by : oblahdee
Session Notes: Papa Roach “The Paramour Sessions”

“A great, great experience doing this record. We rented an amazing mansion in LA where they did the “Rock Star: Supernova” reality show, as well as tons of other reality shows. We lived in the mansion and recorded in this huge ballroom. I don’t think we ever left the house in six weeks. We cooked there ourselves, worked out and recorded every day. We had tons of parties and came up with a great record. On a personally sad note, while we were there, a dear friend of mine told me he had brain cancer and was not going to make it. Right after he told me we were working on a song called “What Do You Do?” that just made me start crying for my friend because of the lyrics.”  — Michael Rosen

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