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Charger – East Bay Recorders
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“It’s fun when you get to write your history anew and feel safe enough to leave your comfort zone,” says producer/engineer Michael Rosen. “The joy for me was to watch somebody step into a different light. He was so happy.” Rosen is talking about the Charger recording dates — a new metal influenced punk band fronted by Rancid’s Matt Freeman. Drummer Jason Willer and guitarist Andrew McGee round out the trio. Think Motorhead meets Rancid meets Pantera, Rosen offers. Charger’s debut came out on Pirates Press. The band put down seven songs at East Bay Recorders earlier this year. “It’s super intricate music,” Rosen says, “with lots of changes, stops, and things going on. Plus, we had to make sure you can hear Matt since it’s all about the rhythm section.” Rosen has worked with Freeman since Rancid’s 1994 release “Let’s Go.” “It was so much fun because when you work in a band like Rancid for so many years, there are a particular set of rules when you do a record,” reports Rosen. “To see somebody who I think is an amazing musician step out and do something, like they’re doing it for the first time with all that joy, was so great.”
Album publishing on 2016

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