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About Us – East Bay Recorders
"This spot is a magnet for music."

Fifteen years ago, Jon Evans  was the first producer/engineer/musician to make the space on San Pablo Avenue his musical home. In between tour dates with Tori Amos, Linda Perry, and Sarah McLachlan he recorded an assortment of bands and composed music for movies and television.

He handed the keys to renowned musician Steven Emerson, who recorded dozens of local jazz heavyweights, and engineer/producer Dale Everingham, who recorded an eclectic assortment of artists, such as E-40 and Mazzy Star here.

The studio was run by a couple of local engineers who recorded local punk and hip-hop demos after Emerson and Everingham moved on.

In 2012, engineer/producer Michael Rosen and noted musician Michael Urbano were looking for a place to work. A friend of a friend turned them on to the hidden studio, and it felt right.

The duo got to work remodeling the space until Urbano hit the road with Italian megastar Luciano Ligabue

Rosen kept going, rebuilding the control room, vocal booths, and iso rooms. He added new paint, new baffles, and new equipment. The studio has gone from a dead jazz room to a live punk rock space.

He also rechristened the studio East Bay Recorders, an homage to his musical roots and the analog era that, he says, sounds more real.

Legends and up-and-comers have made East Bay Recorders their home. In the past five years Rancid, Country Joe McDonald, The Old Firm Casuals, Charger, David Lowrey (Camper van Beethoven, Cracker), Lars Frederiksen and many local musicians looking to break into the music business have worked at EBR.

Come and make your mark.


Michael Rosen is East Bay Recorder’s owner/bottle washer/fuse changer.

Michael got introduced to the recording industry while he was working the graveyard shift at a 7-11 in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. This crazy, shabby looking dude would come in every night to get a pack of smokes and some O.J. After a couple of weeks of asking, he finally told Michael that he worked at Capitol Studios

The first band he watched record was Booker T. and the M.G.’s. The vibe was electric, and Michael found a home.

His first paying gig was at The Automatt in San Francisco, one of the hottest studios at the time. He went from errand engineer to assistant to engineer. He bounced to Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, and then he struck out on his own

Rosen’s credit list features dozens of punk, rock, metal, and (yes) even a country record. He’s worked with Rancid, AFI, Less Than Jake, Lars Fredrickson and The Bastards, Green Day, Journey, Tesla, Todd Rundgren, The Old Firm Casuals, Santana, Papa Roach, Cock Sparrer, Greg Kihn, Testament, Vicious Rumors, Death Angel, Forbidden, Violence, and dozens more.

Studio Manager + Staff Engineer

Anne-Marie has been an engineer and studio manager for East Bay Recorders since the summer of 2016. There, she has worked with a wide variety of artists including Old Firm Casuals, Charger, illexotic, Gang of Thieves, Stomper 98, Matt Gage, The Damn Liars, John Lester, Karney, and Ghost Town Rebellion. In 2017 she interned at Outland Studio, performing engineering and postproduction services for artists such as Fine Points, Battlehooch, James Williamson and Megan Rose. Anne-Marie is also a theatrical sound designer, a freelance live sound engineer, and currently edits the Working Class Audio podcast.